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We are invisible!

We are invisible!

Invisible Hampton Wick Library 2015

The signposts to our Library are OK for cars but they do leave considerable room for improvement for pedestrians.

The signage on the Library (and Bullen/village hall) is somewhere between invisible and non-existent.
This is a long-standing problem.

Those living close by often report folk knocking on their doors to ask where the Library (or Bullen Hall) actually is. Carol Dukes reports: “I’ve been standing literally a few feet away from the building and been asked where the Library is and where the entrance is. I’ve been able to reach out and touch the building itself to show people and they’re astonished!”

This is clearly not good enough. We are campaigning for good quality visible signage on the two buildings, visible from the two different pedestrian approaches and the car park.

Signage obviously has to be in keeping with the conservation area in which the two buildings are located – but it should be VISIBLE! See the photos below which illustrate the issue better than words can do.

Invisible Hampton Wick Library 2015 2

Invisible Hampton Wick Library 2015 3

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